What to expect



Please call or send an E-mail for enquiry or demand. It is non-binding. We will find an ideal way for your particular case.

Initial meeting

We will focus on your needs and wishes. We will discuss the main goals and assets, we’ll find out what to expect and which schedule to anticipate.

Interior design

There are usually two possible solutions of a floor plan in each interior. Floor plans are sketches and scaled drafts of the ground visuals of any particular interior space. They serve us for better imagination of logical and meaningful future set and design. The drafts are consulted and critically reviewed by the client. The only correct solution is usually a rare exception here but the step-by-step process leads eventually to the ideal choice regarding the situation.


We do equip any interior with furniture (lighting, textiles and more) from the rich, quality and fair market according its proper needs and specific nature. Custom-made furniture whenever needed is always a pleasure to deliver. The approved model is – after the pre-production process of sketching and drafting and a 3D modelling and price estimation ready to be made. It is always production plans based. There is always a multiple-phase supervision during the production process.

Project management

The best result is ensured by our offer of a cluster of relying services. They include all levels of supervision during the project among others. Good design must not be wasted by any imperfection. That is why the continuous participation in the whole project makes it an ideal part. That is mostly welcome by customers but yet optional part of each project.


Are the conditions of your working or residential situation quickly changing? Are you not quite sure about its future purpose and you do not want anything more than to get a professional pros and cons judgement?

That is the very situation which has been happening in our era of fast changing habits and – for example – ever more common creation of home offices inside peoples’ dwelling.

Your enterprise may need a change or even reduction of some office space, or, there is one more function your home interior has to implement.

Do you want to buy a house or an apartment and you are not sure about its real condition and future necessary expenditures on needed refurbishments or renovation work? Please, call or send an inquiry if you are coping with any similar situation as described.

It makes your later decisions and planning a lot easier.



The price of the interior design varies in the same way as does the complex and various nature of specific interiors as well as the ever-changing situation in the segment. It is quite comprehensible you want to get the price indication quickly. You will receive the price estimate upon request. However, its more precise and accurate framework comes later as a result of our initial meeting and is further precised by making a draft. It starts always by photo-documentation of the original condition, measuring and sketching and CAD data processing. More complex issues are always consulted with experts.

Furniture pricing

Prices of furniture on the E.U. market are subject of a constant change due to multiple factors. Furniture for your project will be meticulously chosen and priced including the delivery information. Bespoke furniture design reacts to an individual requirement. It is priced after collecting enough information and details. The developing process itself is then quite a rapid matter and we love the close cooperation with all collaborating firms or crafts. We are used to process and deliver the best quality design and function. Starting from design, construction and 3D modelling, optional prototyping, all the way to the final product. Starting from one piece.

Project management

The price for each project management as a whole bundle is subject to an individual offer. Included are: communication with all subjects involved, building author inspection, production and installation supervision. The price is bound to a bundle of previously specified design services and it is not to be had separately. You will get the price offer promptly.


There is not enough space here for everything you need to know. You can rely on an individual and creative attitude.

Do not hesitate and contact us.


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